My hats off to you.. Although I am still tweaking, today I really tested heavily MirrorSync, and man … I’ve got to say WOW. It’s quite impressive how well it works!!! And pretty darn quick as well. I just wanted to give you a pat on the back for it … very impressive!

-- Randall Mauro, Greater Than Data, LLC

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team in helping last week in our upgrade. We had a very big update in our solution as well as the other dynamics involved. We were switching to 360Works server from FMPHost. We now have 5 servers with 360Works. In addition we were converting over 40 of our clients to MirrorSync 6 from version 5. Sean and Joe were also very helpful in our project. We also used the 360Deploy program to migrate all our data from one server to another. Above all, I would like to commend Junior in his professionalism and total support in assisting us in our major upgrade. He was VERY responsive to my questions and requests for help and because we made the conversion in off hours and on the weekend, he was again very helpful and conscientious to be available to help. He truly went “above and beyond” in his efforts. You are lucky to have him on your team!

So far all has gone well with our users. It has been fairly seamless in their conversion.

Mike Hasbrook, Relavent Systems, Inc.

We love MirrorSync, want to update our email to CloudMail....looks like it's going to solve more of our problems for us, Thanks!

COMPanion Corporation

We have had nothing but great experiences with 360Works’ support of their product as well.

John May, Point in Space

Jesse, Want to take a minute to thank you for your assistance to resolve the issue I had. In today's digital world, tech support is getting further and further away, but not at 360works! Thank you!!

Tim Fox, Tim Fox, VP Engineering & Facilities

We love using your stuff.

Kirk Bowman, MightyData

Really appreciate your help - I’ve heard from numerous other developers that your entire team are unbelievably fast and responsive, and I’m pleased to have witnessed that first hand now — inspires a lot of confidence in using your products for mission-critical processes.

Charles Zimmer, Satellite Office Services

By the way, your customer support is by far the best we’ve ever received from any company or vendor we work with. Obviously, in healthcare, especially healthcare technology, we work with a ton of different vendors and rarely do we find one that offers real-time, common-sense support, nor one that is actually entirely familiar with both their own product and ours. You guys are FANTASTIC!

Rachel Mills, One Source Solutions

…they are crackerjack team of passionate developers quick to remedy and enhance the product.

Stephen Dolenski, on

This is my second [360Works] product. You make great stuff and your full featured demos are just good business. I have 110,000 medical images being served with supercontainer. FTPeek will upload these same images after encryption.

James Lewis

I wanted to publicly thank Sam Barnum from 360Works for OUTSTANDING customer support! I needed to be able to put inline graphics into outgoing "blast" emails for one of my clients. We use 360Works’ email plug-in for its ability to run from a script running in FMPS - these "blasts" go out to a few thousand people and run at night. Sam responded immediately to my request for help, offered to make an addition to the plug-in to handle the inline graphics and built it for me in very short order… So, THANK YOU SAM. And thank you 360Works.

Mark Woytovich, Ignotum Inc.

Last summer (I believe) my client purchased the "Plastic" plug-in which I installed and it worked just like we needed it to work. I / We appreciate the quality work that your company produces.

Jordan Kahn, Jordan B. Kahn and Associates

I am a FileMaker Developer for the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri. I have been working in FileMaker since version 2. Recently we purchased your Plastic Plug-in for credit card charging to replace a plug-in from another company. Your plug-in is far superior to what we were using. Sterling Rouse not only assisted me in the implementation of the plug-in and automatic download to the clients, but also improved some of my scripting. Sterling was professional, dependable, and such a talented programmer that I learned as much from him as I did at the last developer conference… Thank You for the great plug-in!

Steve Lehman, Titanic Museums

Great Work!!

Joseph Arzate, HiPerSoft

I really appreciate the level of customer service you’ve offered on your products. Your Supercontainer and Plastic plug-ins work great, and they’re easy to configure/deploy. We always strive to go the 'extra mile' for our clients, so it’s really refreshing to be on the receiving end of sterling customer service.

Paul Dacanay, Productive Computing

I’ve used plug-ins from nearly every vendor, and can say unequivocally that your products are the best of the bunch. 360Works products are delivered with straightforward documentation, are of high quality, and are offered with simple licensing terms. You continue to impress with quick response times for support and feature requests. The only time I would choose a plug-in from another vendor is if 360Works doesn’t offer a competitive product.

David Graham, Bit Tailor, LLC

I have found that 360Works have been more than helpful when I have been having problems with their demo product, due mainly to my own limited IT skills. They were quick to respond with useful suggestions. I could not have asked for more help.

Alistair Campbell, Edith Cownan University, Australia

I always avoided plugins… but what [ScriptMaster] adds to the FM-world is simply amazing! I have been ScriptMaster for more than a year … in the past few days I’ve been working with FTPeek and SuperContainer, now our paperless account workflow really flows ;-)

Robert Selldorf, Die Faboriten

You really have no idea how happy we are with you and 360works. We’ve been struggling for months with other plugins and solutions to get the job done. And now, after just a few days with you almost everything works.

Marco van Rooy, van Rooy IT

I’ve really enjoyed working with Sterling over the past several months. He does a great job for us and is super responsive. We’ve been really happy with his development.

Adam Rutkowski, Linemark

Again I am humbled by your immaculate support system. I’m sure I speak for Kirk when I say how much I appreciate your teams effort in helping us attaining our goals using your products. You guys go above and beyond, thanks again.

Ross Mackintosh, MightyData

I want you to know how great Sterling Rouse did helping me understand and install the plugin. He called me on a Saturday night and walked me through my configuration needs. Being in the service business myself, I recognize EXCELLENT customer support when I experience it. You should have a very successful business if you have employees like Sterling.

John C. Foster

360Works’ amazing products and great support continue to impress me.

Tim Owen, Tim Owen Consulting

Thanks for the quick response, your company is awesome to work with!

John Marquardt

You guys make some great products which we will be using in our solutions. I appreciate the support. I just wish most companies would have support like this.

Divyash Patel

I have only one thing to say… “YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!” Thank you!

Jurie Culadilla

I would just like to take a minute and let y’all know that your customer service is absolutely amazing. Especially Obinna Oparah. I have contacted Obinna several times needing help with SuperContainer issues and each time Obinna has taken the time to slowly explain and sometime physically demonstrate what the problem was and how it can be fixed. He is very patient and thorough and definitely deserves to be recognized as an asset to your company. Please keep up the great service I will recommend your company to everyone I can, because of your great assistance.

Oscar Garza, Pickup Specialties

Thanks Obinna… I think you would be a fun person to have a couple of beers with! Too bad you are 3000 miles away. Have a virtual beer on me.

Greg, MSI

I am impressed with the speed you came up with the solution. You really live up to your outstanding reputation and I would gladly recommend you to anyone in need of professional assistance for FileMaker. You’re a credit to your industry!

Andreas Galistel, LäroMedia Bokhandel Örebro AB

Sensational service. Much appreciated.

Adrian Simpson, Bluewing Development Pty Ltd

I just logged onto the new GDBBS recruitment/interview website. All I can say is WOW. Thank you for implementing this. Fantastic - really fantastic. No paperwork, no “packets” or “bundles” being circulated. This must have been a helluva lot of work, but from this end and at this stage, this looks and feels a bloody sight better than the old system.

Emory University, Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

The quality of the service rendered here was excellent.

Chris Cook, Pioneer Royalty

I downloaded the files and tested it on Mac and WIN7. Excellent! Everything works as expected. Many thanks for your swift customer support and great products!

Dr. Stefan Münger, VDM, University of Berne

I would like to express my appreciation for the timely, effective, and professional support provided by Obinna Opara. He was polite and demonstrated a sincere desire to help provide an appropriate solution. It speaks well for 360Works.

Tom Forbes, Simpson University

You correctly identified the problem, I tried it out, and it worked! I can’t tell you how de-stressed I just got. This has been almost two and a half days of re-writing code and re-running scripts, and e-mailing users. This is great. Your support has been superb! Thank you again so much!

John Bolles, Insigniam

Wow. What excellent follow-up. This is certainly a rare behavior these days. I should not be surprised since 360Works has demonstrated excellence in everything they produce. You’ve addressed my questions perfectly… Thank you for taking the time to respond. My confidence in anything coming from 360Works was again reinforced.

LaRetta Kwant

I would like to acknowledge Obinna Oparah for his superb support in helping to identify an issue with SuperContainer. While the problem turned out to be insignificant and easily remedied, it nevertheless caused considerable stress and time investment. Obinna was extremely helpful and persistent, and kept working with me until the problem was solved. Kudos to [him] and 360Works support.

John R. Bolles, FileMaker Specialist

Thank you for your reply and consideration on the phone. I only wish I could have the same kind of service every time I called a business. To actually get someone on the phone the first time I call, that knows what he is talking about and follows up is a rarity indeed these days.

Peter M. Hardy-Smith, Aerial Photography Inc.

Thank you! I am looking forward to using Scribe! Your work and your staff make FileMaker really competitive in the database market.

Carole Chaski

I just want to pass kudos to Sterling for some masterful programming and being so responsive, and to Ronnie for knowing what to ask for and what to do with it when it comes. The outcome is awesome.

Anne Verrinder, on writing a custom PDF annotation plug-in.

Congratulations Jesse and to the whole 360Works team! It’s well deserved and the community is lucky to have you making such great tools for us!

Mark Lemm, Lemm Tech Enterprises

I was lucky enough to just speak with one of your associates, Michael over the phone. He was a joy to deal with. He was knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and very helpful.

Nicholas LeBlanc, Safe/Sea Marine Rescue

Today, I did a screen share with Will and I have to say, he was excellent at all levels. I am very satisfied with the level of service he provided… The service I received today was beyond my expectations and I would like to commend Will for the great job he did.

Marwan Baayoun

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jeremy, one of your extremely helpful support technicians. After 3 years of running various 360Works plugins, our company ran into problem that hadn’t been documented on the internet and stumped our IT people for the better part of a day. A support request was opened at the end of the day and Jeremy graciously stayed 2 hours late (on a Friday!) to help our IT staff analyze the error reports. Most importantly, he successfully identified the problem we were experiencing and pinpointed a fix. After half a day of our IT people banging their heads against a wall, your support staff found the cause and we were able to get back up and running. I work at a company where excellent customer service is the top priority. I figured I should take a moment to share a success story as people tend to complain more than they praise. Thanks again for the support that we were given. We look forward to developing with 360works plugins in the future.

Mat Unger, Natural Habitat Adventures

Why did it take me so long to find this awesome plugin, Scribe. I had been programming in the layouts inside FileMaker to print out, but this is a much more flexible solution. Great solution to a MAJOR headache I was having.

Rob Wolf, Sweetman Communications

As I have experienced a lot with 360Works you didn’t just take care of the issue but went way beyond the “call of duty” so to speak, for which I am deeply grateful. It is this kind of attitude, along with the endless innovation in your products, that is the basis of your well earned success.

Rainer von Albedyhll, Secure.CC

AI appreciate that you have a solid team of sharp and nice people, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for taking my transition concerns seriously and acting accordingly. It just reinforces to me that my decision a year ago to work with 360Works was the right one.

Chris Haupt, Online Sports