360Works expert FileMaker developers Extensive project experience

We’ve delivered projects in as little 2 hours to as long 7 years, and everything in between. Our largest project, for ​Bernard Hodes Group​ (the largest placer of classified ads in the world), was installed in twenty-four U.S. and Canadian offices. Some other major projects include software for ​NASA​’s ELV (Expendable Launch Vehicle) testing, an image-tracking web application for the U.S. Marines​, and a point of sale system for the ​Titanic Museum​. Read more about these projects on our ​references page​.

360Works expert FileMaker developers Fast Turnaround

We have a staff of full-time staff working out of our office, each with their own specialties and strengths. This means that we can utilize the collective knowledge of our team to solve your most difficult problems. Because of the size of our team we are almost always able to assign a full-time developer to be dedicated to your project as soon as we get it, which means a faster turnaround for you.

360Works expert FileMaker developers Industry Associations

Since becoming one of the first FileMaker Certified developers in 2004, 360Works has cemented its reputation as a leader in the FileMaker community. We are Platinum-level members of Claris Partners (one of just 33 worldwide), hosts of the Atlanta FileMaker User Group, and frequent presenters at the FileMaker Development Conference. Because of our relationship with FileMaker, we have access to the most up-to-date industry information – information that might be critical to you. We attend seminars and conferences only available to association members, and have access to top of the line technical support to assist us in solving your most difficult problems.

360Works expert FileMaker developers Iterative Development Process

Much of a project’s success is determined before any programming actually begins. We approach the entire development process very differently from some of our competitors. For one thing, we view the development process as highly interactive – we want to make sure that we’re incorporating your feedback and suggestions at every point in the process. For another, we break every project into discrete phases. Instead of trying to deliver one large finished piece, we start off by delivering the critical components of the project first. That way you can be testing and using the initial development while we continue to develop the later components.

360Works expert FileMaker developers Responsive, Quality Support

Everybody’s had nightmarish tech support experiences – circular menus, never ending hold-times, or unhelpful representatives in clueless call centers. 360Works takes pride in our support, and we can guarantee responsive, useful support each time you contact us – oftentimes with the developer who wrote the product you’re asking about! We enjoy educating users about how best to leverage our products or discussing projects with clients. Test us – email us at support@360works.com.

360Works expert FileMaker developers Project Management

From the moment you contact 360Works, you’ll be working with a designated project coordinator who will be your liaison with the development team. This means that you will always have a single point of contact who knows all the details of your project, your deadlines, your budget, and your goals.

360Works expert FileMaker developers Training, Testing and Support

We want to make sure that you get the most benefit possible from our solutions. Deploying a new system to skeptical users can be daunting, and we’re happy to answer any questions, develop documentation, or even conduct on-site training to make sure your users are comfortable.