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360Works has been my Filemaker hoster of choice for over 10 years. Their staff do an incredible job. The addition of Priority Support to their range of services has provided invaluable icing on the cake.”
Stuart Lynn, Photographic Systems Consultant

FileMaker Hosting in the Cloud with 360Works

360Works offers FileMaker hosting plans to safely keep your data in the cloud and provide access to your FileMaker solutions in FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect. It has always been a best practice to move your FileMaker Server to cloud hosting for more security and scalability. Now, it is more critical than ever to move away from on-premise hosting and put your FileMaker data on the cloud where everyone can access it no matter where they are working from. At 360Works, we recognize how important this is, and we are offering complete FileMaker hosting services.

Once you sign up for FileMaker Hosting with 360Works, you can cancel anytime within the first 15 days. Try now, risk free!

Top 10 Benefits of Hosting FileMaker Server with 360Works

1. $10,000 Backup Guarantee
360Works is confident that our automated backup process will always have you covered. So confident, in fact, that we offer a $10,000 guarantee* in case you were to ever lose data without a backup available. Hosting with 360Works is the smartest and safest way to protect your data. See backup guarantee terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.
2. Protects from Ransomware
Having your server hosted in the cloud is much safer than on-premise hosting. 360Works hosting uses AWS snapshots to create non-writable, non-deletable daily backups of your critical data. Even if an attacker hacks your server and deletes or encrypts your live data, the backups are untouchable. During the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector keynote at AWS re:Invent, AWS Worldwide Public Sector VP Teresa Carlson mentioned the world is witnessing an increasingly complex security environment, with constant targeted cybersecurity attacks. “...One of the things we actively talk about with government is a move to the cloud in order to detect and defend potential cyberattacks,” she said. At 360Works, we recognize the importance of keeping your critical data safe.
3. Upgrades to Latest FileMaker Server Versions
When a new version of FileMaker Server ships, we’ll update your server for you at no charge, when you decide that you’re ready. Unlike an on-premise server, the downtime is usually less than 10 minutes, because we spin up a new virtual server in parallel, and just transfer the data volume after the new server is prepped and ready.
4. All 360Works Products Supported, Plus MirrorSync and 360Deploy Come Pre-installed!
We allow you to install 360Works plugins on the server, and can do a better job supporting and helping you with plugin usage. Additionally, when you host with 360Works, your server will have MirrorSync and 360Deploy pre-installed (license key is purchased separately). This makes it simple to deploy offline copies of your hosted database to people working at home or in the field, whether that’s on laptops, iPads, or iPhones. It also makes it very easy for you or your developer to work on a separate copy of the database from home, and then deploy that version to your FileMaker Server with a single button click.
5. Fast and Full Migration Service
Getting your files moved from your existing server to a 360Works cloud-hosted server couldn’t be easier - just call us! For a nominal fee, we’ll remotely connect to your existing server and move all of the files to a 360Works server, usually with less than an hour of downtime. We’ll even take care of setting up your backups and custom schedules. Of course, you can do the migration yourself if you’d prefer.
6. After-hours Priority Support Option
For an optional $30 monthly charge per server, priority support hosting customers receive a direct-dial phone number to connect with us from 7am - 11pm Eastern Time / 4am - 8pm Pacific Time, 7 days a week. This premium support is provided by knowledgeable, full-time 360Works employees, not an outsourced call center. Read the details for support plans at the bottom of this page.
7. Hardware with an Uptime of 99.9%
If your server is down more than 0.1% of the time in a month (44 minutes) due to hardware failure, network failure, or loss of electricity, contact us to receive a full credit for hosting fees for that month, including any applicable premium support fees. If you’d like to achieve the highest possible uptime that also protects against software failure with FileMaker Server, contact us to ask about MirrorSync server clustering.
8. AWS Certified Support - Member of the Amazon Partner Network
360Works, like many hosting providers, runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) - but unlike many hosting providers, we have two personnel on staff with AWS Architect certifications, and are a member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN). We’ve been using AWS since 2008, and our President Jesse Barnum has presented at the FileMaker Developer Conference on AWS deployment in 2016, and API integration in 2018. Jesse created and donated to the community a re-usable set of scripts that allow FileMaker to communicate directly with AWS API’s. When you host with 360Works, you’re benefiting from a deep pool of technical knowledge that includes FileMaker Server, AWS, and how to make them work perfectly together.
9. Disaster Recovery - Best Solution for Server Crashes
For some customers, extended downtime can spell the end of their business. With 360Works hosting, we can set up multiple servers in different regions around the world that are kept in constant sync with each other, allowing your business to continue even if an entire AWS region were to go offline. Contact us for details.
10. Global reach for fastest performance

Because we run on AWS, we can deploy your server wherever you and your customers are. Select from any of these hosting locations:

Americas Europe / Middle East / Africa Asia Pacific
California - Los Angeles Bahrain Beijing
California - San Francisco Cape Town Hong Kong
Florida - Miami Frankfurt Mumbai
Massachusetts - Boston Ireland Ningxia
Ohio - Columbus London Osaka
Ontario - Toronto Milan Seoul
Oregon - Portland Paris Sydney
São Paulo (Brazil) Stockholm Tokyo
Texas - Houston
Virginia - Ashburn
*Backup guarantee terms and conditions: 360Works will pay you $10,000 in the event that your data is lost without at least one backup out of the prior seven days, starting seven days after your hosting starts. Notification of data loss must be emailed to hosting@360works.com within 48 hours of when it occurs. Damage, encryption, or corruption of the data while it was still live on FileMaker Server will still be present on the backup, and no guarantee is made that the backup files are openable or usable. Guaranteed amount will be paid out a maximum of one time per hosting customer. If the data loss is covered by an insurance policy, the lesser of $10,000 or the insurance policy deductible amount will be paid.

FileMaker Cloud Compared to 360Works Hosting

For comparison charts with FileMaker Cloud compared to 360Works Hosting, as well as pricing comparisons for 5 users compared to 20 users, click the button below. Comparison Charts

Monthly Pricing Plans

Standard - $95/month Premium - $150/month Enterprise - $295/month
2 Processing Cores 2 Processing Cores 4 Processing Cores
80 GB Boot 80 GB Boot 80 GB Boot
20 GB Database Volume 20 GB Database Volume 20 GB Database Volume
100 GB Backup 100 GB Backup 100 GB Backup
25 GB Data Transfer 25 GB Data Transfer 25 GB Data Transfer
Server Monitoring Server Monitoring Server Monitoring

Extended (Priority) Hosting Support

All Hosting Clients can receive free support for their hosting environments during our business hours (10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time/Monday - Friday) using our ticket submission service and will have their issues addressed on a first come, first served basis.

However, for clients who desire immediate assistance for any issues that occur, we have Priority Hosting Support available at a fee of $30 per month. Clients with Priority Hosting Support will have their tickets sent to the top of the queue for immediate response and also have access to our hotline which is open 7 AM - 11 PM Eastern Time / 4 AM - 8 PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

For all 360Works hosting support, please note: support only applies to problems with FileMaker Server itself. This does not cover issues related to other services such as MirrorSync or 360Deploy, plugins or user issues.

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360Works Hosting Advantages:

360Works Hosting FileMaker Cloud
Full support for the Data API Data API is unusable due to a serious bug
Full support for XML Custom Web Publishing No XML Custom Web Publishing
Full IPv4 and IPv6 Support No IPv6 support, only IPv4
Supports all licensing types (teams, concurrent, site license, solution bundle) Only supports licensing for teams
Login with regular FileMaker Accounts, Active Directory, or OAuth with Amazon, Facebook, and Google Login only with Claris ID, which must be purchased for all users, even ones who already own FileMaker.
This also creates problems for working on offline copies, which can’t use Claris ID.
Tested support for up to 500 users Tested support for up to 250 users
Supports ODBC / JDBC access No ODBC / JDBC support
Supports any type of scheduled script Only supports backup scheduled scripts
Available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia, plus South Africa, India, Singapore, Bahrain, and Brazil. Available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia
Supports server-side plug-ins for scheduled scripts, Perform Script on Server, and Web Direct. No server-side plugin support
Supports automated deployment of new database versions with 360Deploy Deploying a development version to the production server is a manual task
Upgradeable to 24,576 gigabytes of RAM, 224 CPUs Upgradeable to 64 gigabytes of RAM, 16 CPUs
Pay per quarter (3 months) in advance Pay per year in advance
Supports automatic file downloads for MirrorSync users Does not support downloads via API, administrator must do this manually in web console
Supports multi-server synchronization setups Does not have any API to upload or download files, making this impossible
Supports encrypted or unencrypted databases Only supports encrypted databases, making it inconvenient for offline synchronization

FileMaker Cloud Advantages:

360Works Hosting FileMaker Cloud
No OData support Supports OData standard
Does not support multi-factor authentication Supports multi-factor authentication

Pricing, 20 users:

360Works Hosting (Premium, 8 gigabytes RAM) FileMaker Cloud Essentials FileMaker Cloud (8 gigabytes RAM)
Annual cost (hosting and licensing) $5,500 N/A, only supports 5-10 users $10,320
Storage 20 gigabytes data + 100 gigabytes backup. Additional 100 gigabytes of storage would add $240 to annual price. N/A, only supports 5-10 users 120 gigabytes data.
Additional storage per year $2.40 per gigabyte N/A, only supports 5-10 users $6.00 per gigabyte
Maximum number of files 125 N/A, only supports 5-10 users 125

Pricing, 5 users:

360Works Hosting (Standard, 4 gigabytes RAM) FileMaker Cloud Essentials FileMaker Cloud (4 gigabytes RAM)
Annual cost (hosting and licensing) $2,130 $1,260 $2,588
Storage 20 gigabytes data + 100 gigabytes backup. Additional 10 gigabytes storage would add $24 to annual price. 10 gigabytes data, non-upgradeable. 30 gigabytes data.
Additional storage per year $2.40 per gigabyte Cannot add storage $6.00 per gigabyte
Maximum number of files 125 3 125

Paying for Hosting Service

Auto Recurring payments are generated quarterly at the beginning of the last month of each quarter to the credit card on file. Initial quarterly payment will be prorated to the start date of hosting service.

Online access to your billed account activity is available through our Client Payment Portal at www.payments.360works.com using your assigned access code emailed to you upon initial setup. You also have the ability to change or update your payment information through this Client Payment Portal.

A 2-week initial trial is included with all new service, in which time you can cancel hosting service at no charge.

You can cancel anytime with 1 month notice. Cancelations must be emailed to hosting@360works.com. Cancelations will be confirmed by email reply within 48 hours of receipt of your request. If you do not receive a reply confirmation in this time, please call our office and resend email to assure a timely cancelation.