Automate processing of Microsoft Office and PDF files. With Scribe 4, you can even merge or splice a PDF in a FileMaker container field and perform OCR in FileMaker!

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Word Document Automation in FileMaker

Find and replace text in Word documents, populate forms built with content control fields, read and write data to tables in Word, and add or append images to Word document.

PDF Automation, Plus OCR in FileMaker

Retrieve text from PDF files and form, including retrieval of values from PDF form fields. Insert new pages, secure with encryption/password protection, add images or append images and text to PDF files. Merge and splice PDFs, plus OCR functionality in Scribe 4!

Excel Automation in FileMaker

Retrieve data from any cell or range in the Excel file, write data to any cell, add images to Excel table cells, and retrieve cell metadata: cell comments, background color, rows and columns in a range.

Extract Searchable Text from Documents

Let's say that you're storing documents in FileMaker. You can store the documents in a container (or SuperContainer), but how will your user be able to search for the documents? The answer is Scribe. It will extract all of the human-readable text from any Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF file, or even JPEG metadata.

Powerful Processing on FileMaker Text Fields

Scribe can visually show you what text was changed, highlight text within a text field, and find text patterns.

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Receive an Enterprise license, which allows for server-side use and unlimited number of users, along with all products from 360Works when you purchase the Portfolio Bundle.

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System Requirements

All of our plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows. All system requirements are the same as those of FileMaker. As long as you meet FileMaker's minimum requirements, you can run our plugins in your Mac or Windows environments.

What does the FileMaker community think?

I have put Scribe in place and it is working flawlessly so far... We have under way a test of a pdf form that has 393 fields, some are extracted and the rest are inserted into the form. So far, I cannot report any problems at all... 360Works and you have done a marvelous job!

- Charles Huff, Briggs & Associates

I've just seen the Scribe plugin. I'm too dumbstruck for more than two words: WOW! and Thanks!

- Marc Thewes, Thewes & Reuter

Yet another amazing and simple tool to make everyone think that I'm a genius. Thanks!

- Adrian Lee-Chin, Portland Holdings

Why did it take me so long to find this awesome plugin. I had been programming in the layouts inside FileMaker to print out, but this is a much more flexible solution. Great solution to a MAJOR headache I was having.

- Rob Wolf, Sweetman Communications


360Works plugins are compatible with the FileMaker 16 platform and higher.
All of our plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows. All system requirements are the same as those of FileMaker. As long as you meet FileMaker's minimum requirements, you can run our plugins. Please reference the FileMaker operating system requirements for all versions.

Our plugins are supported in FileMaker Cloud 1.17 and 1.18, but FileMaker Cloud 2 does not support any plugins. You can still use the plugins in FileMaker Pro accessing a solution hosted on FileMaker Cloud 2, but server side scripts utilizing plugins will not work.

If you purchase the Enterprise License (see below), then you will be able to use the plugin with the FileMaker Web Publishing Engine. This means that when you use our plugins in your FileMaker scripts, they will work the same way with Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or WebDirect. It also means that your Custom Web Publishing applications (with XSLT, PHP, or any other web technology) can call FileMaker scripts that use our plugins.

Yes, all of our plugins work in FileMaker runtime solutions, just copy the plugin to the runtime's Extensions folder.

Most of our plugins are available in 3 licenses: a demo version which works for 2 hours every time you launch FileMaker, a Workgroup license for 10 or fewer users, and an Enterprise license for unlimited users within a single organization.

If you'd like to add plugin functionality to a mobile solution, there are a number of options available. Plugins cannot be installed directly on a iPhone or iPad, but you can trigger a script on a machine that does have the plug-in installed. Using FileMaker Server, you can have routine scripts that will process all the outstanding function calls. For an example on how to do this, see this article on accomplishing this with Plastic. Alternatively you could integrate RemoteScripter to trigger server side scripts.