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FileMaker plugin icon The 360Works Email plugin for FileMaker can send and receive HTML or plain text e-mail with SMTP, POP, and IMAP from your FileMaker solution. Additionally, you can send SMS / text messages from FileMaker using this plugin.

The Email plugin sends email from Amazon Simple Email Service, gives granular control over reading and searching and moving messages.

Richard Carlton includes an excellent introductory video in his free video training series at that gives a good high level overview of 360Works Email, and how it's useful.

How is the Email plugin different from FileMaker's Send Mail script step?

  • Retrieve email from POP/IMAP mailboxes
  • Send multiple and inline attachments in a single message
  • Send multipart formatted (HTML, etc.) emails
  • Speedy delivery of many messages by re-using a single connection to the server
  • Set custom email headers

The Email plugin has the following features:

  • NEW in 3.1, now leverages AWS for sending SMS / text messages!
  • Send email using Amazon Simple Email Service, a great product from Amazon Web Services that gives the flexibility of an in-house solution and the stability of a third party email provider. Just like an AWS account, there's no need for an SMTP server with this option.
  • Move messages on IMAP servers, or save copies of outgoing messages with new functions that provides complete control of where and how messages get saved on your IMAP server.
  • Introducing a much more efficient way to get new messages from your POP and IMAP mailboxes, Email 2 now features precision tools for POP3 UID reading a searching.
  • Manually specify a message ID for outgoing messages.
  • Customizable progress bars control how and when indicators appear to your users.
  • New parameter for EmailReadMessageValue reads the raw format of an email.
  • Read messages from files in addition to mailboxes! Now you can read the contents of an MBOX file or MimeMessage raw file.
  • And much more...

How is the FileMaker community using 360Works Email?

Jonathan Ackerman told us about one of his solutions using this plugin. "I have created a text formatting solution within IWP for one of my clients using 360Works Email plugin. I have integrated the Web viewer with fckeditor to allow for complex text formatting within the email body and allow for viewing HTML styles emails (using PHP to send back the HTML to the web viewer) You had suggested some of this and I appreciate it. My client is thrilled."
Check out the example of this solution

Product Case Study

  • Vivaladata - Learn how 360Works used FTPeek, Web Assistant, and Email to let users upload files and send emails from a customized website.
  • Blue Bird Corporation - Blue Bird Corporation used 360Works Email plugin to track sent and received emails in conjunction with a case tracking tool from FileMaker.

What does the FileMaker community think of 360Works Email?

"You guys rock!!! I've been testing various plugins, particularly for email and yours is by far the easiest to use of any out there. " —David Space from Marine Biological Laboratory

"I use 360Works Email plugin. It supports server side email and IMAP. We love it." —mr_vodka on

"We are an FBA Platinum member and we love your 360Works [Email] plugin. We have been recommending it to our clients recently." —Philippe Lazzaroni, Informatique Direct Impact Inc.

"Just purchased your FM email plug-in, brilliant – should come with FileMaker as standard." —Dom Walton

"I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the Email plugin's HTML capabilities. I tried out another plugin prior to yours and switched after getting a little frustrated with the installation. After a few minutes setting up the 360Works plugin I was sending HTML emails with ease." —Hudi Moskowitz

Questions and Answers

What version of FileMaker is required? Will it run on Windows/Mac?

360Works plugins are compatible with the FileMaker 14 platform and higher.

All of our plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows. All system requirements are the same as those of FileMaker. As long as you meet FileMaker's minimum requirements, you can run our plugins. Please reference the FileMaker Pro operating system requirements for all versions.

Are 360Works plugins compatible with FileMaker Cloud?

Yes, but only for the most recent version of the plugin. For non-plugin products such as MirrorSync and Zulu, MirrorSync is compatible with FileMaker Cloud, but Zulu is not.

What about Web Publishing and FileMaker Server?

If you purchase the Enterprise License (see below), then you will be able to use the plugin with the FileMaker Web Publishing Engine. This means that when you use our plugins in your FileMaker scripts, they will work the same way with Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or WebDirect. It also means that your Custom Web Publishing applications (with XSLT, PHP, or any other web technology) can call FileMaker scripts that use our plugins.

Can I use this plugin with my FileMaker runtime solution?

Yes, all of our plugins work in FileMaker runtime solutions, just copy the plugin to the runtime's Extensions folder.

What kind of licenses are there?

Most of our plugins are available in 3 licenses: a demo version which works for 2 hours every time you launch FileMaker, a Workgroup license for 10 or fewer users, and an Enterprise license for unlimited users within a single organization.

What about FileMaker Go?

If you'd like to add plug-in functionality to a mobile solution, there are a number of options available. Plug-ins cannot be installed directly on a iPhone or iPad, but you can trigger a script on a machine that does have the plug-in installed. Using FileMaker Server, you can have routine scripts that will process all the outstanding function calls. For an example on how to do this, see this article on accomplishing this with Plastic. Alternatively you could integrate RemoteScripter to trigger server side scripts. Finally, FMRPC is a separate product developed as a collaboration between Skeleton Key and 360Works.

There are more Questions and Answers on our product support site.

Purchase the Portfolio Bundle to obtain an Enterprise license of this product which allows for unlimited users within a single organization.

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