The best FileMaker email plugin to send bulk, blast, or mass emails from FileMaker with images!

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Send Outbound HTML Email Blasts with Fast Insights

Blast mass or marketing messages with graphics and plain text. Experience speedy retreival and real-time views and clicks that can be tracked in your FileMaker database!

Optimized for Website Analytics

CloudMail can automatically add analytics tracking for platforms like Google Analytics to your campaigns! No manual parameter set up required!

Easy FileMaker Integration

CloudMail comes ready with an easy-to-use campaign management database, or you can simply copy and paste the tables and scripts to your existing FileMaker solution.

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Receive an Enterprise license, which allows for server-side use and unlimited number of users, along with all products from 360Works when you purchase the Portfolio Bundle.

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Email marketing in FileMaker just got better. CloudMail is a FileMaker email management plugin for sending outbound HTML and plain text e-mail messages and monitoring e-mail interactions using Amazon Web Services. It is fast, easy to use, and tracks email engagement...making it the perfect tool for your FileMaker CRM!

CloudMail lets you efficiently send e-mails from FileMaker to any size audience - a single recipient, a 30-person department, a 20,000 person newsletter list, or a million person municipal database. In addition to sending, it tracks who receives the message, who views it, and who clicks any links in the message. It handles unsubscribe requests automatically, and if a recipient files a complaint with their ISP, they are automatically excluded from future mailings. Undeliverable e-mail messages are reported as well, so you can keep your mailing list fresh.

360Works CloudMail Plugin vs. 360Works Email Plugin

CloudMail Email
Good for sending single emails check check
Good for sending up to a hundred emails check check
Send mixed part e-mails (HTML and plaintext) check check
Receive incoming e-mails check
Customize email headers check
Sends SMS and IM messages check
Good for sending thousands or millions of emails check
Upload and link to attachments on Amazon S3 check
Automatic de-duping feature check
Automatic unsubscribe feature check
Report deliveries and bounces check
Track views and clicks check
Works without an SMTP server check

System Requirements

All of our plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows. All system requirements are the same as those of FileMaker. As long as you meet FileMaker's minimum requirements, you can run our plugins in your Mac or Windows environments.

What does the FileMaker community think?

The general opinion of 360Works as a company that always goes above and beyond is well earned.

- Glen Cardenas

I would like to thank you personally for the incredible support you and your team has provided today for our CloudMail solution... I am more than happy to compensate you fully for your efforts, as this level of support is unheard of in today's times.

- Michael Huber

We use 360Works plug-ins with our clients without hesitation. They’re easy to implement, and work dependably, and KEEP working dependably. Their excellent support is just the icing on the cake.

- Scott Love, Soliant Consulting


360Works plugins are compatible with the FileMaker 16 platform and higher.
All of our plugins are designed to run on Mac and on Windows. All system requirements are the same as those of FileMaker. As long as you meet FileMaker's minimum requirements, you can run our plugins. Please reference the FileMaker operating system requirements for all versions.

Our plugins are supported in FileMaker Cloud 1.17 and 1.18, but FileMaker Cloud 2 does not support any plugins. You can still use the plugins in FileMaker Pro accessing a solution hosted on FileMaker Cloud 2, but server side scripts utilizing plugins will not work.

If you purchase the Enterprise License (see below), then you will be able to use the plugin with the FileMaker Web Publishing Engine. This means that when you use our plugins in your FileMaker scripts, they will work the same way with Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or WebDirect. It also means that your Custom Web Publishing applications (with XSLT, PHP, or any other web technology) can call FileMaker scripts that use our plugins.

Yes, all of our plugins work in FileMaker runtime solutions, just copy the plugin to the runtime's Extensions folder.

Most of our plugins are available in 3 licenses: a demo version which works for 2 hours every time you launch FileMaker, a Workgroup license for 10 or fewer users, and an Enterprise license for unlimited users within a single organization.

If you'd like to add plugin functionality to a mobile solution, there are a number of options available. Plugins cannot be installed directly on a iPhone or iPad, but you can trigger a script on a machine that does have the plug-in installed. Using FileMaker Server, you can have routine scripts that will process all the outstanding function calls. For an example on how to do this, see this article on accomplishing this with Plastic. Alternatively you could integrate RemoteScripter to trigger server side scripts.