FileMaker 12 and SuperContainer: A comparison4/16/12 11:38 AM

Of all of the new features in the recently released FileMaker 12, one of the most significant is the inclusion of enhanced container fields with managed storage. These enhanced container fields offer users a simple solution to store container assets outside of the database file in order to avoid increasing the size of the database file itself. Solving this issue was the driving force behind the development of 360Works' SuperContainer, a server application that leverages FileMaker's Web Viewer to manage digital assets from your FileMaker interface. In this article we'll compare the unique features of both FileMaker Enhanced Container Fields and SuperContainer so that you can make an informed decision for your solution.

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Running Credit Cards with FileMaker Go and Plastic2/10/12 9:52 AM

This tutorial video describes how to run credit card transactions from FileMaker Go using the 360Works Plastic plugin. The transcript is attached below, and the video can be watched on YouTube at

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Creating a PDF in Instant Web Publishing using RemoteScripter1/27/12 10:47 AM

This tutorial video describes an example of using RemoteScripter to create a PDF in Instant Web Publishing. The video can be viewed on YouTube at

The transcript of the video is provided below.

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Using FileMaker with Java3/6/08 3:29 PM

Java is a general purpose programming language which is ideal for web applications as well as more demanding uses such as credit card authorization and web services. It is similar to PHP in this sense, but it goes beyond PHP's capabilities to allow things like...

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Using WebObjects with IntelliJ1/21/08 12:44 PM

IntelliJ IDEA is a very polished and powerful Java development environment. We have switched over to doing all of our WebObjects development with IntelliJ, and have become much more productive because of...

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Hibernate Lazy Loading patch1/21/08 12:44 PM

I was frustrated with the way that Hibernate handles lazy initialization, because there are certain cases, especially in a Swing application, where it is very difficult to efficiently preload all the data...

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