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FileMaker consultant. Seven certified FileMaker Developers on staff In addition to FileMaker Pro plug-ins and add-ons, such as SuperContainer, MirrorSync, and ScriptMaster, 360Works offers consulting and programming services for FileMaker Pro.

Our FileMaker developers, consultants and programmers have been producing easy-to-use, customized solutions for our customers since 1996, and we are one of the first companies to be recognized by FileMaker Inc. as a FileMaker Certified Developer in 2004. Since that time we have continued to grow in the industry. We are honored to be one of only 33 Platinum-level members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, making us one of the top-tier FileMaker consultant firms in the world. Our products have been used by developers across the globe, and continue to receive recognition from the FileMaker community.

We bring this extensive experience to each of our projects. From simple contact management databases to complex, multi-relational, enterprise level systems, our experience and outside-the-box thinking allow us to continually push the FileMaker Pro platform to meet any client’s need.

We’re excited to work on your project, whether it involves troubleshooting existing systems, integrating FileMaker with other technologies, building from-scratch solutions, or customizing our products to meet your needs. All you need to do is check our references to see that our FileMaker developers have the talent and experience to create the solution that you need. Give us a call at (866) 662-9185 to talk to one of our certified FileMaker consultants to discuss how we can help meet your project goals.

--Jesse Barnum, President, 360Works


FileMaker 12 and SuperContainer: A comparison Apr 16, 2012

Of all of the new features in the recently released FileMaker 12, one of the most significant is the inclusion of enhanced container fields with managed storage. These enhanced container fields offer users a simple solution to store container assets outside of the database file in order to avoid increasing the size of the database file itself. Solving this issue was the driving force behind the development of 360Works' SuperContainer, a server application that leverages FileMaker's Web Viewer to manage digital assets from your FileMaker interface. In this article we'll compare the unique features of both FileMaker Enhanced Container Fields and SuperContainer so that you can make an informed decision for your solution.

Running Credit Cards with FileMaker Go and Plastic Feb 10, 2012

This tutorial video describes how to run credit card transactions from FileMaker Go using the 360Works Plastic plugin. The transcript is attached below, and the video can be watched on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrOucBq6HHg.

Creating a PDF in Instant Web Publishing using RemoteScripter Jan 27, 2012

This tutorial video describes an example of using RemoteScripter to create a PDF in Instant Web Publishing. The video can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiNWKGSvI9o.

The transcript of the video is provided below.

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