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This 1:23 video demonstrates the speed advantage of SuperContainer, compared to regular container fields. SuperContainer can potentially be much faster, because it dynamically resizes images on the server to create thumbnails that exactly fit the size they are being viewed at. These thumbnails are cached on both the client's Web Viewer, as well as the server after they are created in case other clients request the same image. In addition, because the images are displayed in the Web Viewer, they are multi-threaded, which means that you can continue to work in FileMaker while the images load.

This demo shows images of 1-2 megabytes in size being loaded over a 1.5/mbit DSL connection, from a Dell PowerEdge 750 server running on a T1 line. The larger your images are and the slower the connection, the more your users will notice the speed benefit of SuperContainer relative to container fields. This is especially useful for remote FileMaker users, and web users with Instant Web Publishing, WebDirect or the Web Publishing Engine.

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