new denotes a version 2 feature

Container field
(store by reference)
Container field
(store by embedding)
SuperContainer SuperContainer with
optional plugin
Doesn't require a plugin on the users computers X X X
Works cross-platform X X X
Doesn't require users to mount a shared volume X X X
Users can insert files from their own computer, without having to copy them to the server volume first. X X X
Deleted files are truly deleted, instead of just losing the reference to them. X X X
FileMaker just stores a reference to the files, which keeps your databases small X X X
The referenced files can be backed up separately, so incremental backups won't become overloaded with a single huge FileMaker file every night X X X
Files are stored in neatly organized folders which you control X X
Dynamic thumbnail generation feature means much faster viewing and network efficiency for large files X X
Multithreaded viewing means your users can work while images load in the background X X
It is very easy and efficient to display stored documents on FileMaker-powered web sites. X X
Allows uploads, downloads, and viewing in Instant Web Publishing (You can finally upload files to the FileMaker Web Publishing Engine from your web browser!) X X
Reference contents in the scripting and calculation engine X X X
Easy ability to directly open files for editing X
new Drag and drop X X X X
new Progress bar indicators X X
new API for PHP and Java X X
new Upload folders,multiple items, and OS X packages X X
new Standalone SuperContainer server running on OS X uses CoreImage for rendering (renders PDFs, EPS, etc) X X

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