Case Study - Cooper Flooring

As an Installation Service Provider for The Home Depot, Cooper Flooring is subcontracted to install floor covering and kitchen countertop products purchased by customers of The Home Depot. Jim Murray, the owner of Cooper Flooring (founded in 2001) understood that a strong and extensible set of management tools was necessary to provide solid support to The Home Depot’s retail customers.

Business Challenge
When Home Depot first contacted Cooper Flooring their requirements were that the prospective service provider was able to track their customer’s jobs, retaining information for up to 18 months. Home Depot also wanted to be able to view the customer information via web portal on the internet.

In-House developer Bob Minteer knew that these goals could be achieved on Home Depot’s timeline using FileMaker Pro. In addition to managing customer information and requests, the system required Cooper to track documents associated with each jobs. These documents include pdfs, job site photos, labor force ID photos, employee documents, and job site measure diagrams. All of these documents come in from eight different offices and needed to be placed under some form of document control.

Minteer choose 360Works SuperContainer plugin to handle his document management needs.

“I found that the 360Works SuperContainer was an easy tool to deploy on my enterprise, making it easy to create to meet the requirements. Thanks to the SuperContainer product, a store in El Paso can quickly snag job site measure information via our web portal.”

Minteer also used the SuperContainer plug-in to attach new photos and documents e-mailed in from smart phones or other mail clients directly to their associated FileMaker job records.

“360Works’ SuperContainer product absolutely rocks and if you are a developer it will make you look much smarter than you really are!” says Minteer.

Customer Benefits
The ability to track customers, orders and documents quickly and efficiently has helped Cooper Flooring deliver high quality service and to provide Home Depot with a top level view of the work that is being done.

What started as a contract for 13 Home Depot stores, has turned into Cooper Flooring providing exclusive flooring services to 130 Home Depot stores. Minteer says, “Home Depot appreciates our quality service and responsiveness. They love our ability to keep them informed all at the click of a button.”

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