Quick Picker ImageQuickerPicker for Mac OS X

What does it do?

QuickerPicker scans the contents of your hard drive looking for applications. It adds them to an internal, searchable database. Unlike the Dock or other launcher programs, you don't need to select your favorite applications and add them to a list or a palette - QuickerPicker remembers every application on your hard drive, even Classic applications, and all you need to do to quickly launch any application is type the first few letters of its name.

How much does it cost?

QuickerPicker is free and Open Source.


Now in Italian: Many thanks to Marcello Teodori for creating an Italian localization of QuickerPicker!

Drag & Drop support: You can drag items to QuickerPicker's icon in the dock, which will accumulate the added items into a pop-up tray. The next application you launch with QuickerPicker will open all of the dragged documents, even if they are dragged from different locations and folders on your hard drive! This is a great feature for programs like DragStuff - use QuickerPicker to select several documents from different folders, and then launch DragStuff to compress them all into one archive.

Speed: We've engineered QuickerPicker to launch quickly. It stores the application database in a preferences file, so it doesn't have to scan the hard drive when launching the application.

Compatibility: QuickerPicker simply works - it doesn't even need an installer. There are no background applications, no system modifications, and nothing to uninstall except the application itself. Just drag it into the dock and you're ready!

Convenience: Once you start using QuickerPicker, you'll get addicted - keep your most common apps in the Dock, and use QuickerPicker for everything else!

Lightweight: The QuickerPicker application is under 400K (about 80K compressed download).

Development notes: QuickerPicker is FREE and OPEN SOURCE. Just contact us to receive a copy of the source code. I'd love to have people offer improvements!

QuickerPicker is developed with Apple's Project Builder software using Objective-C and Cocoa. It will only run under Mac OS X.

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Installation instructions: If your browser does not automatically decompress the file when you download it, open the quickerpicker.tgz file with Stuffit Expander. This will decompress the QuickerPicker application, which is ready to use.

Thanks for trying QuickerPicker. I hope it brings you hours and hours of bliss and ecstasy. —Jesse Barnum

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