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MirrorSync won the Solution of the Year award, presented by FileMaker, Inc. at the annual Developer Conference.

More importantly, the positive response from the FileMaker developer community has been overwhelming:

“No-change syncs are reduced from about 18 seconds in MirrorSync 2 to 6 seconds in version 3. Nice job!” — David Buck, Seachem

“As a FileMaker hosting provider we researched many syncing options to offer our clients and decided on MirrorSync by 360Works. We definitely made the right decision. The support has been amazing and the development team is very responsive to our special needs as a hosting provider. The introduction of server to server syncing in version 2 could not have come at a better time. With data centers worldwide, many of our customers have offices in multiple countries. MirrorSync 2 allows our clients to locate FileMaker Servers in multiple countries and keep all the data synchronized. This allows employees the ability to connect to a FileMaker Server much closer to them offering a faster, more reliable connection to the end user.” — Joey Grimaldi, ODI Technologies

“As a developer of Filemaker systems, I have found Mirror Sync to be extremely easy to implement for a quite complex quote creation system I created for the home renovation sector, with over 15 tables required to synchronize. Even with this complexity, the customer is pleased with the performance and simplicity of syncing his iPad to the remotely hosted database. In addition, when I had a question during the implementation phase of adding the MirrorSync code to my solution, the quick and detailed support I received via both email and Skype was immensely helpful and professional. In short, I would highly recommend this synchronization tool. It is reliable and works well for us.” — Martin Elliott, Filemaker Developer

"We have used MirrorSync  with several clients in both  Filemaker server to Filemaker Go and Filemaker Server to SQL Server configurations. We found it easy to use, with directions clear and concise. Support from the 360Works team has been exceptional." — Allan Mowat, Nevis Associates

"I want to let you know what an absolute joy it was setting up and using MirrorSync 2.0. Among many things to praise are the cleaner interface - the improved error capture/reporting helped me identify two issues immediately and we were up and running just as quickly. 2.0 is working perfectly!" — Jesse Wright, Database Solutions Developer at Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.

"Just wanted to thank you more formally for the great job you did presenting last night at our user group meeting. Everyone there was wowed by your new MirrorSync product, and especially by the elegant setup you’ve devised!" —Debi Rubel, FullCity Consulting

"Ace product & demo as usual- very elegant" —Chris Gauthier

“You said yesterday that you are a "geek" about speed. Point taken!” --David Craycraft, FIT Mobile Software

"I must congratulate you wholeheartedly on the excellent user interface for set up and integration. I have never seen one better - not even close, in the many years I have been using plugins (and this is not even a plugin!!)" —Adrian Simpson, Bluewing Development

"I’m very impressed with how Sam Barnum & Co at 360Works have made offline computing SO simple. Kudos for MirrorSync from 360Works." —Arild Schonberg

"We’ve been using our contact manager and adding contacts and estimates, and the sync seems to be working very well. I was surprised at how fast it was on the laptop and the iPad - much much faster than we’ve experienced before. And the new data is in there." —Scott Davis, Planet Pre Pro

"I have a very happy client using MirrorSync. He has been using it all day and it has not skipped a beat. They have a ridiculously slow internet connection managed by the office building... Using a local FileMaker file is a HUGE improvement for their daily tasks." —Phil Baker, Intritec Pty Ltd

"We are syncing 21 tables in our solution with MirrorSync. It is a combination of 16 core data tables with 5 join tables. There are roughly 750,000 records in those tables. I have been updating my iPad every few days and it has been working very well." —Paul Costanzo, Recruiting Pro Software

"I am a new user to FileMaker and FileMaker Server, less than 60 days with FMPro12 and less than a week with server. I leased a virtual server with the guys at Triple8, and I downloaded your software and followed the directions and was syncing my first table within 30 minutes!! Thanks for a great product!" —Tom at AMSWin Software

“I want to thank you and your team at 360Works for MirrorSync , which is not only a great product, but comes with excellent support. After much research, I know we made the right choice in choosing MirrorSync. Though I am a novice, it was incredibly effortless to set up. MirrorSync has enabled our HVAC technicians to go paperless with proposals, work orders, and timecards. It has increased our efficiency in the field and office. We can’t live without it!” --Lynn Kiyan, Air Central Inc.

"We are selling the heck out of MirrorSync ! I don’t think we have sent out a proposal in the last month that did not include it as an option for the solution. " —Tim Neudecker, Kyo Logic

"Just a quick word of thanks and praise (once again) for your tech support team. I’m rolling out a MirrorSync implementation for a new client and my test setup and configuration was flawless. When I went to implement at the client location I ran into several roadblocks (of course). I worked on the phone with Will yesterday and the experience was fantastic. He hooked me up with a new installer very quickly and then went above and beyond in helping me troubleshoot the server to play nicely with MirrorSync. The result was a VERY impressed customer who commented to me how important excellent service is for building loyalty. I always have a great experience with your team, and as a result, I never hesitate to recommend 360Works products to my customers." —Jason Mundok, Jason Mundok LLC

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your support. I am very impressed with your work over there at 360Works." —Matt Roberts

"The perfect tool for keeping FileMaker and MySQL in sync!" --Jeffrey Scornavacca, Silver Lake Productions, Inc.

"By my calculations it would be very late there in Atlanta and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the effort you are putting in to make sure my experience with MirrorSync is as seamless as possible. You and your product are a god send!!" --Lloyd Hird

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