The best way to sync FileMaker databases on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop without a network connection. Sync between any combination of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, SQL databases, Salesforce, WordPress, and Amazon databases.

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Sync FileMaker Server to Server and Sync Virtually Any Database

MirrorSync can sync just about anything to anything else, including a variety of SQL servers.

It can also be used to cluster and load balance between FileMaker Servers.

MirrorSync supports syncing between any of the following:

  • - Sync FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro with FileMaker Server
  • - Sync Multiple FileMaker Servers
  • - Sync Salesforce and FileMaker
  • - Sync Amazon Redshift or DynamoDB with FileMaker
  • - Sync MySQL and FileMaker
  • - Sync Oracle and FileMaker
  • - Sync MS SQL Server and FileMaker
  • - Sync Any JDBC compatible database with FileMaker

If you are syncing from an existing FileMaker database to a new SQL database, MirrorSync will even create the SQL database and schema for you, making it not just a sync tool but a complete migration and integration solution.

MirrorSync’s capability of using traditional incrementing serial numbers is a major feature for SQL databases, where UUID primary keys are uncommon. With MirrorSync, your DBA will not need to change anything about their primary keys.

You can use MirrorSync to:

  • - Sync FileMaker Go directly with MySQL / Oracle / MS SQL, to build an iPad front-end to your SQL database
  • - Sync two FileMaker Servers with each other for load-balancing, failover, or to have fast LAN server access in multiple cities around the world
  • - Sync FileMaker Server in your office with a hosted MySQL database to drive a PHP or Java web site, or replace a slow ESS connection with fast local data

Using MirrorSync, you can skip the slow ESS shadow tables, complex nightly FTP batch scripts, or finicky ODBC drivers, and instead sync those databases every few minutes with FileMaker Server running on your own local network. Unlike FileMaker ESS, MirrorSync can even transfer container / BLOB data with SQL databases and other FileMaker Servers!

Clustering with MirrorSync 3

Using MirrorSync to cluster FileMaker Servers running side-by-side can increase server availability for your mission critical solution. Through data replication, you can ensure server reliability by balancing loads and handling server failure.

See how to cluster with MirrorSync 3 in this excellent video by Richard Carlton Consulting:

Free Server-to-Server Demo

If you'd like to try a free demo of the server-to-server feature, send us an email at infobox@360works.com or call 770-234-9293 and let us know what you’re trying to do. We’ll send you a temporary key you can use to try the sync yourself before purchasing.

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