The best way to sync FileMaker databases on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop without a network connection. Sync between any combination of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, SQL databases, Salesforce, WordPress, and Amazon databases.

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MirrorSync: Reliable, scalable, tested, and supported.

There are hundreds of active MirrorSync server deployments ranging tremendously in size and complexity. To support the data sizes and sync scenarios of some of these larger customers, MirrorSync has features like:

  • Streaming record inserts: You can insert an unlimited number of records on one device or server, and it will be synced to all other devices and servers by “streaming” - meaning that there is no maximum number of records that can be transferred during a sync operation.

  • Network recovery: If anything interrupts the sync, such as a network failure, MirrorSync remembers which records were successful and which ones are still pending. It will resume where it left off on the next sync.

  • Conflicts and field-level merging: When the same record is modified in multiple databases, MirrorSync automatically detects that. It knows which fields were changed in each record, and will automatically merge the changes if possible. If the same fields were changed, then MirrorSync presents an intuitive conflict resolution screen that lets the user or administrator select which data to keep.

  • Record locking: If a record cannot be transferred because somebody is actively editing the record on the server, MirrorSync remembers this and retries the same record on the next sync operation.

  • Support for SSL encryption: MirrorSync uses the standard HTTP protocol for communication. If you install an SSL certificate on your web server, MirrorSync can switch to HTTPS to encrypt all data being synchronized.

  • Time zones: MirrorSync adjusts for each offline user's clock, so that they can travel the globe without breaking the sync process.

  • Internal / external IP addresses: The MirrorSync script that runs on the offline file detects whether it’s on the same local network as the server file, and will automatically switch as necessary between using internal LAN IP addresses or external WAN IP addresses.

  • Email notifications: MirrorSync can easily be configured to email an administrator if anything goes wrong with a sync operation. It can even notify on successful syncs, if you want to just monitor activity. This is especially important for server-to-server syncs, which are usually run unattended.

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