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MirrorSync fits perfectly with FileMaker hosting providers

MirrorSync is a perfect fit for FileMaker hosting providers. Using MirrorSync, your hosting customers can each have a copy of the database on their own laptops to reduce load and bandwidth on your server, while giving them the fastest possible access to their data.

“As a FileMaker hosting provider we researched many syncing options to offer our clients and decided on MirrorSync by 360Works. We definitely made the right decision. The support has been amazing and the development team is very responsive to our special needs as a hosting provider. The introduction of server to server syncing in version 2 could not have come at a better time. With data centers worldwide, many of our customers have offices in multiple countries. MirrorSync 2 allows our clients to locate FileMaker Servers in multiple countries and keep all the data synchronized. This allows employees the ability to connect to a FileMaker Server much closer to them offering a faster, more reliable connection to the end user.” — Joey Grimaldi, ODI Technologies

MirrorSync was developed with enterprise-class deployment in mind. It is a web application that can be deployed on any hardware capable of running Apache Tomcat, which includes any computer running Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, or any UNIX-like OS.

There is no requirement that MirrorSync run on the same computer as your FileMaker Server or Web Publishing Engine. You can even have one dedicated MirrorSync computer with multiple configurations, each one pointing to a different FileMaker installation.

With MirrorSync, there are no additional files on the server. A single-file solution remains a single-file solution. This helps with managing your hosting customer files, as well as reducing licensing costs.

You can either run MirrorSync on your own Tomcat instance which you install and configure as needed, or use the 360Works installer to install Tomcat and MirrorSync on Mac or Windows. You can also run multiple instances of MirrorSync for separate customers. By default, multiple instances are deployed with a single copy of Tomcat for maximum memory efficiency, or you may choose to segment these out for security or performance reasons.

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