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The MirrorSync integration process is so easy that most developers are able to complete their first successful sync within an hour of installing MirrorSync.

The MirrorSync integration process is extremely simple. Essentially, it boils down to these steps:

  • Make sure that each table you want to sync has a primary key, creation timestamp, and modification timestamp. Many tables already have these fields.
  • Create a new layout for each table that you want to sync. A default layout with all fields is sufficient.
  • Select sync options in the MirrorSync guided setup process.
  • Do four copy and paste operations.

Since there is so little work to do for each table (just 3 fields and create a layout), it does not take much longer to set up a 40 table solution than a single table solution.

There are no new files to add to your solution, no changes to privilege sets, no plug-ins, and no need to change primary keys.

“I must congratulate you wholeheartedly on the excellent user interface for set up and integration. I have never seen one better - not even close, in the many years I have been using plugins (and this is not even a plugin!!)” —Adrian Simpson, Bluewing Development

“I’m very impressed with how Sam Barnum & Co at 360Works have made offline computing SO simple. Kudos for MirrorSync from 360Works.” —Arild Schonberg

Sync script is automatically written for you

To show how easy it is to set up and configure MirrorSync, we’ve posted this setup tutorial video which walks through the entire process to go from a brand new starter solution to our first sync in just 12 minutes, with three related tables. Click the bottom right icon to view at full size.

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