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MirrorSync is the best way to sync FileMaker databases on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop without a network connection. Work on your own FileMaker offline database at the fastest possible speed, and sync your changes with FileMaker Server when you have working network access. With MirrorSync, you can also sync multiple FileMaker Servers for load balancing and clustering or to speed up slow connection to FileMaker Server. With MirrorSync you can sync your FileMaker Go files, handle FileMaker offline sync, and sync virtually any database, like Salesforce or WordPress, with FileMaker!

Using our award-winning MirrorSync, your users can work efficiently at a job site, their house, a coffee shop, or even an airplane, all without worrying about slow or non-existent wifi or cellular network access. See how you can even sync FileMaker Go or Pro on a SHIP in our YWAM Case Study!

With MirrorSync you can do the following:
Sync FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go with FileMaker Server
Sync 2 or more FileMaker Servers
Sync WordPress and FileMaker
Sync Salesforce and FileMaker (See Case Study on FileMaker and Salesforce Integration!)
Sync Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server or any other JDBC compatible database

More and more industries are relying on MirrorSync to securely synchronize FileMaker data.
See how MirrorSync works in the medical field in our Case Study on IMS which showcases their FileMaker custom app for emergency responders.

MirrorSync 6 is now available! Read all about the NEW features here.
MirrorSync 6 for FileMaker

MirrorSync features

Zero to MirrorSync in 60 minutes

The MirrorSync integration process is so easy that most developers are able to complete their first successful sync within an hour of installing MirrorSync.

"We are loving MirrorSync! We will be using it as our primary option for syncing data, so look forward to many more purchases in the near future." —Sally Schoonover, Productive Computing

"I am a new user to FileMaker and FileMaker Server, less than 60 days with FMPro12 and less than a week with server. I leased a virtual server with the guys at Triple8, and I downloaded your software and followed the directions and was syncing my first table within 30 minutes!! Thanks for a great product!" —Tom at AMSWin Software

If you’re too busy to set up MirrorSync right now, we’ve set up a live demo of the 'Tasks' starter solution. You can try MirrorSync in seconds from Mac, Windows, or iOS without installing anything by downloading this FileMaker file:

Try Live Demo now!

Full-featured and free!

MirrorSync is completely free, with all features enabled, for syncing a single offline device (iPad, iPhone, laptop, or desktop computer) with FileMaker Server. Additional devices are priced as low as $50 each; see our pricing page for more details.

MirrorSync is included with the 360Works Portfolio Bundle, which means that current subscribers will receive an additional 10 devices (a $600 value) in addition to the free device license. Special pricing is available for FBA members purchasing for themselves or on behalf of clients. Download your free copy now.

FileMaker Cloud

Getting started with MirrorSync for FileMaker Cloud is extremely simple: There's nothing to install! Once you've launched your FileMaker Cloud instance, 360Works can host MirrorSync on a managed AWS server for just $29 a month. There are several other approved hosting providers willing to host MirrorSync as well (see documentation). Alternatively, knowledgeable Linux administrators can host on their own Linux instance with Amazon Web Services. Users running regular FileMaker Server on a Mac or Windows computer can install MirrorSync on their own server. We've designed MirrorSync to be something that even a novice user can integrate, but we're standing by when you need more advanced help. If you just want your sync integration to be completed as quickly as possible, we're available to do the work for you directly at our hourly consulting rates.

MirrorSync 3.1 or later is compatible with FileMaker Cloud.

Automatic downloads for users

MirrorSync 3
If your users can click a link, they know everything they need to get an offline file and start syncing. MirrorSync generates download links which can be emailed by an administrator to users. Users click the link and immediately get the latest version of the offline file. There are no plug-ins required, nothing for the developer to prepare on the server, and no client software needed except for a free copy of FileMaker Go.

MirrorSync 4
MirrorSync 4 allows you to make changes to your database and then prompt your user to download that new version after their next successful sync. This is all automatic, no more emailing required! Users are given the option to update their file or to hold off on updating. Users that hold off will still be able to sync with their file but any changes made to the database will not be synced.

Need a custom workflow? Sync outside the box.

MirrorSync lets you select which tables, records, and fields to sync, as well as the sync direction for each table. Run scripted actions before, during, and after your sync operations, such as sending an e-mail when a job is completed.

MirrorSync will allow you to either sync a copy of the database from your FileMaker Server, or sync with a separate task-specific mobile database. Whatever your workflow is, MirrorSync will accommodate it.

MirrorSync is working extremely well as I'm getting things smoothed out and fine tuned there. Given the complexity of the system (over 40 tables in the database, almost half of which need to be synced; filtering records based on accounts associated with each user, external container fields, etc.) it has been very straightforward to work with. Our Techs are pleased to be on a local copy of the database without those delays associated with a remote connection to the live database. All is good, and it isn't even Friday yet (knock on wood). -Craig Miller, CLM Systems for Matrix Pest Elimination

Keep your keys

MirrorSync is the only solution that lets you sync offline devices without changing how your solution creates primary keys. With MirrorSync, you have the option of sticking with traditional serial numbers or switching to UUIDs. If you use serial numbers for primary keys, MirrorSync will even manage your foreign keys to keep all of your related records grouped together when they are synced to another device.

Sync times should be measured in seconds, not minutes

MirrorSync’s amazing speed is powered by a multi-threaded processing core that runs on your server to almost instantly detect all changes between client and server, and use the smallest amount of network activity possible to write changes to both.

"We’ve been using our contact manager and adding contacts and estimates, and the sync seems to be working very well. I was surprised at how fast it was on the laptop and the iPad - much much faster than we’ve experienced before. And the new data is in there." —Scott Davis, Planet Pre Pro

"Just dropping you an email to let you know the MirrorSync install has been absolutely rock solid for the last several months. Not only that, but it is amazingly fast. I just added time data records to the sync. The screen shot shows the result from the first subsequent sync. 77 seconds to insert 41,762 records is pretty amazing. Thanks for a great product!" —Ian Jempson, Brightsource

mirrorsync fast result screenshot

Server-to-server sync

"The perfect tool for keeping FileMaker and MySQL in sync!" --Jeffrey Scornavacca, Silver Lake Productions, Inc.


MirrorSync has been engineered and refined to handle serious load and the worst possible network conditions. It takes care of things like large data sets, network drops during sync, and conflicting changes from multiple devices.

"We are syncing 21 tables in our solution with MirrorSync. It is a combination of 16 core data tables with 5 join tables. There are roughly 750,000 records in those tables. I have been updating my iPad every few days and it has been working very well." —Paul Costanzo, Recruiting Pro Software


If you are an IT professional, you’ll be happy to know that MirrorSync transmits all sync data on standard web ports (80 or 443), and does not require any proprietary ports open for connecting to FileMaker Server.

360Works product support: The best that it gets

We’ve designed MirrorSync to be something that even a novice user can integrate, but we’re standing by when you need more advanced help. MirrorSync support has no time limits - if you have a problem, we stay on it until it’s working.

If you just want your sync integration to be completed as quickly as possible, we’re available to do the work for you directly.

"Thanks again for the awesome support, that’s what I love about your company, I feel you guys always going the extra mile to make sure your product is working. Thank you so much."
--Jake Richter, Jaricon

"We have used MirrorSync with several clients in both Filemaker server to Filemaker Go and Filemaker Server to SQL Server configurations. We found it easy to use, with directions clear and concise. Support from the 360Works team has been exceptional." — Allan Mowat, Nevis Associates

"Just a quick word of thanks and praise (once again) for your tech support team... [Will] hooked me up with a new installer very quickly and then went above and beyond in helping me troubleshoot the server to play nicely with MirrorSync. The result was a VERY impressed customer who commented to me how important excellent service is for building loyalty. I always have a great experience with your team, and as a result, I never hesitate to recommend 360Works products to my customers." —Jason Mundok, Jason Mundok LLC

Awards and testimonials

In addition to winning the FileMaker Solution of the Year award, MirrorSync is a hit with developers and users alike:

"You might be interested to know that average sync time over the satellite with XML is now 20 seconds... we're super happy with the performance now!" --Stu Dietz, Skeleton Key

“I tried an open source sync solution before, and I am impressed with how fast and easy the sync process is with MirrorSync now.”
—Carsten Schemberg

"I'm very impressed by the simplicity of the standard setup process and by the synchronization speed of MirrorSync." --Oliver Hesselbarth, appfile UG, Hamburg, Germany

“I want to thank you and your team at 360Works for MirrorSync , which is not only a great product, but comes with excellent support. After much research, I know we made the right choice in choosing MirrorSync. Though I am a novice, it was incredibly effortless to set up. MirrorSync has enabled our HVAC technicians to go paperless with proposals, work orders, and timecards. It has increased our efficiency in the field and office. We can’t live without it!” --Lynn Kiyan, Air Central Inc.

“I had tested it and demonstrated it to client (at this time with Contacts database template), and MirrorSync rocked!! He was amazed!! ” --Hemant Kumar Patel, Global Solutions and Consultants

“I just wanted to take a second to compliment you and your team on customer support. You were pleasant, responsive and knowledgeable during the entire install procedure. This is a big plus for your product in addition to its direct SQL connection capabilities.” --Alex McGregor, Peer1 Hosting

System Requirements

MirrorSync Server Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, or Server 2012
  • OR OS X / OS X Server; 10.6 or later
  • OR any full-featured Linux or UNIX-like OS that can run Apache Tomcat

FileMaker Server supported versions

FileMaker Server 11.0v3 and higher

Other supported databases

Oracle 10 or later, MS SQL Server 2008 or later, MySQL 5 or later

Unofficially supported databases

Any database with a JDBC driver

FileMaker Cloud

MirrorSync 3.1 or later is compatible with FileMaker Cloud. Please refer to our documentation for more on this topic.

Initial configuration requirement

OS X 10.6 up to OS X 10.10, or Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, 7, or 8 with Java installed

FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Advanced 11 and higher (FileMaker Advanced is recommended and reduces setup steps, but not required) for FileMaker configurations

Sync FileMaker Client Requirements

Mac or Windows with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Advanced 11 and higher
FileMaker Go running on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

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