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DocuBin is a cross-platform system created for digital asset and document management. It has a simple, intuitive interface that is based on modern operating system file views, but offers numerous features unavailable in standard file servers, such as version control, multi-user edit locking, and flexible query controls.

What is DocuBin?

When we set out to create DocuBin, we didn't want to just recreate the standard desktop experience. We wanted to give users more control over how they share, organize, and work with their files.

Familiar Interface

DocuBin Hierarchy

Navigate your folder structure, then insert, move, and delete just like you would on the desktop.

Favorites & Collections

DocuBin Favorites & Collections

In addition to the standard file hierarchy, Favorites and Collections put the files that are important to you at your fingertips.

Document Previews

DocuBin Previews

Preview a document inside of DocuBin, or open it in the document's native application.

Version Control

DocuBin Versions

Compare versions of a document to view what has changed.

Custom Fields

Keywords & Templates

Keywords and Templates allow users to capture custom meta data for the files they insert into DocuBin.

Full Text Searching

Full Text Searching

We extract text from your documents so you can do full-text searches of Word Files and PDFs from within DocuBin.


Security & Folder Permissions

Set folder permissions to determine which users and groups have access to your files.

Sharing & Exporting

Sharing & Exporting

Email document links to other DocuBin users, or send your files as attachments. Export entire folder structures to take your files on the go.


Update DocuBin

We plan to continually improve DocuBin so we made it easy for you to update to the latest version.

DocuBin Enterprise Edition

With DocuBin Enterprise Edition we bring you more ways to access and edit the documents you store in DocuBin.


WebDAV allows you to mount DocuBin on your desktop like any shared folder or mapped drive. Dozens of applications for iPhone and iPad support WebDAV, which means you can edit documents on your mobile device and save them back into DocuBin.

Web Client

Access your DocuBin files from any web browser with the DocuBin Web Client. Browse through folders and preview web-compatible files right in the browser.

DocuBin in Action

To get a better idea of how DocuBin works, you can watch these tutorial videos that we've created:

Setup & Installation

Import Files & Settings

Basic Use & Instructions

Access DocuBin as a Network Drive

DocuBin v File System

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the features we included in DocuBin against a typical file server.

DocuBin File Server
Drag and drop file hierarchy X X
No file size limits X X
OS level file access X X
Configurable permissions X X
Store and compare versions X
Multi-user edit locking X
Keywords and metadata X
Fast image thumbnails X
Enhanced search X
Email link to file X
Extensible automation X
Document retention policy X
Mobile Access X

System Requirements

DocuBin is built using FileMaker Pro, a cross-platform deployment environment that runs on both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. If you do not currently have FileMaker deployed in your organization, please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide pricing and hosting options. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are award-winning products built by FileMaker Inc.

DocuBin also requires the use of 360Works SuperContainer, a web-based document storage engine. This is another 360Works product which is sold separately.

License-specific requirements are as follows:


Workgroup (10 Users; additional seats sold separately)

Enterprise Edition (10 Users; additional seats sold separately)

IMPORTANT - If you are attempting to map a WebDAV share to a drive letter on Windows, WebDAV will not work by default unless WebDAV is used over SSL. 360Works recommends that you configure you FileMaker Server to operate over SSL if you wish to map shares on Windows. However, if you choose not to configure your FileMaker Server to operate over SSL, you can follow the instructions to use WebDAV without SSL encryption.

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What does the FileMaker community think of DocuBin?

"It is very easy to use... As documents are created, it is easy to drop them into DocuBin so we can all read them and make the necessary modifications. Version control is so important... DocuBin is such a great way to organize everything about our company." - Susie Warren, ivWatch LLC

"Kudos to Michael Gaslowitz and 360Works for one of the coolest pieces of FileMaker software ever. I can see how much work this was to make it both beautiful and functional, and as I fellow developer, I appreciate the hard work." - Brad Stanford

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