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You know that Zulu will let you see and edit your FileMaker records in iCal. Now, thanks to the latest version of FMGo, you can now jump right to an event's related record in FileMaker Go from within iCal.

  1. Find an event in your iPhone's calendar...
  2. Click a link in the event's description...
  3. ...that opens the event's related contact / project record in FileMaker Go.

Here's a demo of it in action (details follow below)....

Doing This in Your Own File

Get Started With Zulu

First, download the demo of Zulu and get this working with your FileMaker database. Zulu lets you view and edit your FileMaker events in iCal. Once that its up and running you can modify your event's definition to present you with a link to open a FileMaker Go record on your iPhone (we actually include links to call and email the related contact as well).

Create a New Script in Your Database

Next, add a script to your database that will go to a given project or contact record based on a script parameter. This script should use a layout in your file that looks good in FileMaker Go (we created a quick little iphone-sized project layout in SeedCode Complete for the video above). The script we used is shown below: feel free to use it as the basis for yours (note that your script should have no spaces in its name).

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Add an Auto Enter Definition to your Event's Table

We've made our event description into an auto-enter calc which contains the URL to open the FileMaker Go record. (We can't just use a regular calc here because Zulu needs all the mapped fields to be editable.) If you don't want to change your event description this way, create a new field using the auto-enter definition below, replacing our script name with the name of the script you created above, and replacing our Project ID field with the field you use to hold the id of the event's related project. Then map this field to the event description in Zulu and run Zulu's "publish" script again.

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That's It.

The url format in the calc above is recognized by newer versions of FileMaker Go, opening the FMGo database, and running the named script with the parameter provided.

While this works great on the iPhone, the calendar on the iPad doesn't yet let you click on a link in the event description. We hope to have that in the next revision of the iPad's software.

You may also want to make some security changes on FMGo on the phone so that you don't have to relogin to FMGo each time you return to it. There are some settings in FMGo that you can change so you don't have to log back in. You'll find instructions on page 8 here under "Security".


Learn More About Zulu

Learn more: Zulu iCal Server for FileMaker

A huge thanks to Agnes Riley of Zero Blue Technology Solutions for creating this demo!

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