MirrorSync allows you to be on the go with your database on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop. You can work efficiently out on the field or in various locations that may have little to no network access, then when you return to a network connection you can sync your changes. Today, we wanted to share with you how easy it is to get MirrorSync set up so you can begin syncing right away!

The following video will help you get started with setting up MirrorSync:

More reasons to use MirrorSync as your sync utility:

  • MirrorSync is reliable and scalable. It handles large data sets, network drops during sync, and conflicting changes from multiple devices.
  • It is fast! MirrorSync is powered by a multi-threaded processing core that runs on your server to almost instantly detect changes between client and server.
  • Sync more than just FileMaker databases. Sync Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, or other JDBC-compatible databases.

Ready to get started?

Download a free copy. (Configuration of FileMaker Server with 1 device license)

Read more advanced setup topics.