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Free MirrorSync Setup at the 360Works Booth During DevCon 20166/28/16 4:15 PM

Heard about MirrorSync and just haven?t found the time to get it set up? At DevCon 2016, we are taking care of the setup up for you!

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Update Available: MirrorSync 2.65/26/16 1:00 PM

Performance and reliability improvements made to MirrorSync! See what has changed in the newest version, MirrorSync 2.6

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Full Compatibility with the FileMaker 15 Platform5/10/16 1:00 PM

All of our products have been tested and work with FileMaker 15

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360Works 20th Anniversary! 4/1/16 2:50 PM

We are celebrating 20 years in business

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Short Video: CloudMail and Analytics 1/25/16 1:00 PM

Watch how you can send email blasts from #FileMaker and analyze website traffic from your email sending.

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FileMaker iOS App SDK and MirrorSync1/20/16 4:19 PM

Learn more about the new FileMaker iOS App SDK and MirrorSync compatibility

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Scribe 2.15 Released12/23/15 11:33 AM

New improvements with Excel, image retrieval and replacement and document management in Scribe 2.15!

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MirrorSync 2.507 Released12/17/15 3:33 PM

Improvements and fixes for syncing container fields and conflict resolution have been made #Sync #FileMaker

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Learn how you can set up a calendar sync with #FileMaker in our Zulu CalDAV Basic Setup video12/9/15 11:07 AM

Learn how you can set up a calendar sync with #FileMaker in our Zulu CalDAV Basic Setup video

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Learn how to create a bidirectional sync between #Wordpress and #FileMaker Server with 360Works' MirrorSync12/4/15 3:27 PM

Learn how to create a bidirectional sync between #Wordpress and #FileMaker Server with 360Works' MirrorSync

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New Version Available: Zulu 2.1 #FileMaker Calendar Sync11/30/15 3:50 PM

Added features and improvements! Check out the newest version of Zulu.

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CloudMail 2.0 Released: Faster. Easier. Analytics Included!11/18/15 1:42 PM

We have launched CloudMail 2.0! Email marketing in FileMaker just got better with the following new features in CloudMail

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MirrorSync 2.506 Released11/11/15 12:54 PM

We have launched MirrorSync 2.506! Read about the new improvements to user experience with better error reporting and improved performance.

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Learn how you can print and generate PDFs on a server using 360Works RemoteScripter with #FileMaker11/2/15 12:54 PM

Learn how you can print and generate PDFs on a server using 360Works RemoteScripter with #FileMaker
more info:

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Learn how to sync databases easily and efficiently with 360Works MirrorSync10/27/15 9:58 AM

Learn how to sync databases easily and efficiently with 360Works MirrorSync
more info:

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OS X 10.11 El Capitan update10/2/15 9:58 AM

You may want to wait on updating to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, please see this support article from FileMaker:

If you have already updated to OS X 10.11 El Capitan and are using 360Works plugins, read on.

360Works plugins are compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan, however, during the process of operating system update Java 6 is removed. And, when first launching FileMaker Pro after the os update you may encounter the following dialog:

Clicking 'More Info' will take you to this Apple support article:
Where you can download the Apple Java installer. Use this installer to re-enable Java 6 on OS X 10.11.

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Learn how to send and monitor e-mails to any size audience in #FileMaker using 360Works CloudMail9/30/15 3:00 PM

Learn how to send and monitor e-mails to any size audience in #FileMaker using 360Works CloudMail
more info:

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Learn about 360Works Plastic and how to process credit card payments in #FileMaker9/25/15 11:50 AM

Learn about 360Works Plastic and how to process credit card payments in #FileMaker
more info:

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Learn how to connect #FileMaker to Word, Excel, and PDF using 360Works Scribe9/23/15 11:09 AM

Learn how to connect #FileMaker to Word, Excel, and PDF using 360Works Scribe
more info:

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Generating Legal Documents with 360Works Scribe9/11/15 12:38 PM

As used in last night's webinar presentation, here is the Legal Ease FileMaker database for generating legal documents using Scribe.

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Learn how to connect #FileMaker to Word, Excel, and PDF using 360Works Scribe9/10/15 11:09 AM

Learn how to connect #FileMaker to Word, Excel, and PDF using 360Works Scribe
more info:

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Webinar Invitation: 360Works Zulu 2 - Publish Read/Write Calendars from FileMaker with Ease8/14/15 3:33 PM

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, August 18th, 1pm EDT,

Publishing read/write calendars with Zulu is easy, and new features in Zulu 2 allow you to publish calendars from FileMaker to Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android computers and devices.

Zulu 2 improves performance and reliability of existing features of publishing FileMaker data directly to built-in calendars on Mac OS X and iOS, and syncing to Google Calendar. Google Calendar sync functionality has been expanded to allow sync to existing Google calendars.

New in this update to Zulu is the ability to sync calendars to Exchange/Office 365 calendars. As with Google calendars, FileMaker data can be synced to existing Exchange/Office 365 calendars.

On Tuesday, August 18th, 1pm EDT Will Slaughter of 360Works will demonstrate how 360Works Zulu can help you publish calendars from FileMaker to Mac, Windows, iOS, Android computers and devices.

In this webinar, you will learn:

- How to integrate Zulu into your solution
- Publishing FileMaker data as a read/write calendar
- Setting up calendar sync with Google Calendar
- Setting up calendar sync with Exchange/Office 365

Who Should Attend?

- Anyone interested in publishing FileMaker data to calendar apps users already use
- Anyone managing calendars in FileMaker and interested in better ways to provide users access to the calendar data
- FileMaker consultants who develop these type of solutions for their clients

About the Sponsor:

This webinar is offered by the FM Academy, a consortium of leading FileMaker development companies in the United States. All FM Academy members are platinum-level members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, and our purpose is to further educate FileMaker users and developers to encourage best practices and foster further adoption of the software.

Title: 360Works Presents: Zulu 2 - Publish Read/Write Calendars from FileMaker with Ease
Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT (PDT 10:00 am - 11:00 pm | GMT 17:00 - 18:00)

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at


Jesse Barnum
(866) 662-9185

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MirrorSync 2.503 released8/5/15 4:55 PM

MirrorSync 2.503

  • You can now stop as well as start MirrorSync using the 360Works admin utility (previously you could only restart it; it was always running)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.5 where resetting the sync data was causing a new incomplete database to be written

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SafetyNet 1.42 released6/24/15 11:27 AM

SafetyNet 1.42 (6/24/2015)

  • FileMaker Server 14 updates

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All 360Works Plug-ins updated for FileMaker 145/12/15 3:50 PM

All plug-ins have been updated for FileMaker 14
- plug-ins compatible with all deployment environments
- updates for Install Plug-in File and auto-update
- updates for perform script on server (PSOS) and server schedules scripts

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All new versions of 360Works plug-ins!12/16/14 3:37 PM

Important Update for All Users
- Full 64-bit Support
- New AutoUpdate/Install-Plugin script step Functionality
- Zulu updated

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Zulu 1.351 released12/3/14 11:27 AM

Zulu 1.351 (12/3/2014)

  • Now uses Google Calendar v3 API
  • UI updates for account mapping
  • FMS 13 Compatibility

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Scribe 2.11 released9/21/14 10:08 AM

Scribe v2.11 (9/19/2015)

  • fixed issue with ScribeRegister

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Email 2.14 released9/21/14 10:05 AM

Email v2.14 (9/18/205)

  • fixed issue with EmailRegister

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Email 2.03 released8/5/14 10:04 AM

Version 2.03

  • When reading an email with an embedded message, that message is written out as a encapsulated_message.eml attachment. Use EmailReadMessageFromFile to parse this nested message.
  • Fix for date headers containing newlines.

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MirrorSync 2.202 released8/3/14 10:11 AM

MirrorSync 2.202 (8/3/2014) Fixed two late-breaking problems:

  • Conflict resolution web display did not display
  • Sync fails with error that username is invalid. This would fail every other sync.

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MirrorSync 2.2 released7/28/14 10:11 AM

MirrorSync 2.2 (7/28/2014)

  • Can now generate new empty tables in FileMaker Server when syncing with SQL databases
  • Can now generate new empty tables in SQL databases to match FileMaker schema
  • Now supports multi-spoke syncing, so it's possible to sync many database servers together
  • Now optionally supports not defining compound keys as foreign keys (ie. if they point to a table that is not being mapped)
  • Better handling of NOT NULL fields when syncing FileMaker Server with SQL databases
  • Auto-detects foreign keys in MySQL when using InnoDB tables and foreign key constraints
  • Auto-detects creation timestamps in MySQL
  • When creating new creation timestamps and modification timestamps in SQL databases, now has an option to batch-create them for all tables
  • Smoother behavior of drag and drop when mapping fields and tables
  • Can optionally specify SQL command to get next primary key (ie. trigger a stored procedure)

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MirrorSync 2.114 released7/17/14 10:10 AM

MirrorSync 2.114 (7/17/2014)

  • Fixed a NullPointerException introduced in 2.110 that could occur when scanning for deletions.
  • Admin e-mail logs were not being sent (bug occurred in version 2.108 and is now fixed)

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MirrorSync 2.111 released7/16/14 10:09 AM

MirrorSync 2.111 (7/16/2014)

  • Fixed a bug when transferring container fields if MirrorSync is running on a non-standard port
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a JSON parsing error when there are no accessible records in the database (MalformedJsonException: Unexpected value at line 1 column 26)

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MirrorSync 2.110 released7/15/14 10:08 AM

MirrorSync 2.110 (7/15/2014)

  • New feature allows syncing with a separate mobile file that is pre-populated with record data matching the server (previous version required offline file to be empty, if it was not a copy of the server file). This only works when using UUIDs.
  • New feature allows de-duping to happen during sync, by customizing the 'MirrorSync customization' script. See advanced docs for more details.
  • MirrorSync log file now includes more detail on how long it took to read and write from each database, to help find performance bottlenecks
  • Better handling of invalid numeric data, such as bad ASCII characters. Now passes through as text instead of trying to convert to number.
  • Fixed a problem that could occur in rare cases during initial sync if primary keys start with a space.
  • Fixed a problem where MirrorSync complained that fields were missing, if there were special characters like periods in the filename
  • Fixed a problem that could occur when using custom record filtering to return a single record, if that single record was different for different syncing users
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the wrong foreign key to be written when resolving a conflict

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MirrorSync 2.109 released6/4/14 10:07 AM

MirrorSync 2.109 (6/4/2014)

  • Fixed a bug where conflict resolver could not merge fields if there were any container fields in the sync
  • MirrorSync home page now shows whether a newer version of MirrorSync is available
  • Download links did not work when using SSL; this is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug when using MirrorSync managed keys that the wrong foreign keys could get written during field-level conflict merging
  • AuditLog text file was mis-matching some fields with their values; this is fixed. Did not affect the actual sync, just the audit log.
  • Fixed some cases where the cancel / abort button didn't work during a long sync
  • Fixed a case where containers were not synced from client to server when connecting via a separate IP address

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MirrorSync 2.108 released5/7/14 9:24 AM

MirrorSync 2.108 was released today. This version has important bug fixes and several speed improvements, especially for conflict resolution. Download the update or get a free license key from

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MirrorSync 2.1 ships with new features for FileMaker 13!3/27/14 2:01 PM

360Works announced MirrorSync 2.1 today, a free update with major improvements to speed, reliability, and ease of use. MirrorSync is the best way to use your FileMaker database on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop without a network connection. Work on your own offline database at the fastest possible speed, and sync your changes with FileMaker Server when you have working network access.

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Important Information about Using 360Works Plug-ins with Scheduled Scripts on Windows1/28/14 12:59 PM

Important Information about Using 360Works Plug-ins with Scheduled Scripts on Windows

We have recently discovered that 360Works plug-ins are incompatible with server-side scheduled scripts on FileMaker Server 13 with Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8. Attempting to call the plug-in will lead to the FMSE process hanging until it is restarted. This also affects the use of the Perform Script on Server feature.

Please note this problem does not affect FileMaker Server 12, or other Mac or Windows platforms. It also does not affect scripts used by the Web Publishing Engine.

360Works is aware of this problem and will release new versions of all our plug-ins as soon as possible. When the fix is ready, you'll see an update on our website at If you have any questions about plug-in compatibility or any of our products, please let us know at

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Upgrading to FileMaker 13? So are we!12/13/13 11:22 AM

We're just as excited as you are to dive into all the great new features of FileMaker 13. That's why we've been working hard to make sure our products are compatible with the latest version. There are a few things to mention before installing FileMaker 13, though.

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MirrorSync 2 now available! Featuring faster syncs, server to server, and much more!12/11/13 4:08 PM

360Works is proud to announce the release of MirrorSync 2! MirrorSync 1.5 was selected as the FileMaker Solution of the Year for 2013, and gave everyday FileMaker users the power to synchronize their FileMaker Server files with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go. MirrorSync 2 takes syncing to a new level with support for server-to-server synchronization, separate mobile files, field-level conflict resolution, multiple simultaneous device sync, and much more. With these new features, you’ve got the power to take your data with you anywhere, and at our new price points, it doesn’t make any sense not to.

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FileMaker Talk features guest appearance by Jesse Barnum of 360Works10/25/13 4:41 PM

If you aren't subscribed to FileMaker Talk, you should be! Make sure to check out "DevCon Day 1," featuring a guest appearance by Jesse Barnum of 360Works.

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Email is better than ever with 360Works Email 2, Available Now!10/17/13 1:42 PM

Announcing Email 2: your total messaging plug-in

360Works is proud to announce the release of Email 2! The Email 2 plug-in takes email in FileMaker to a whole new level, sending and receiving HTML or plain text emails with SMTP, POP, and IMAP right from a FileMaker solution. Email 2 brings these great new features:

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Join us at the FileMaker Product Developers Conference!9/19/13 2:45 PM

360Works will be presenting at the second annual FileMaker Product Developers Conference! We'll feature Web Services Manager in a special session, showing you how you can quickly and easily offer a robust web API to your solution, allowing nearly any other system to integrate with yours instantly.

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Important information about using MirrorSync with iOS 79/18/13 2:49 PM

After further testing, we've discovered that devices that UPGRADE to iOS 7 after syncing with MirrorSync will have to download a new copy of your files. Please sync your files first, upgrade to iOS 7, then download a new copy. Users who are new to MirrorSync, or devices with iOS 7 preinstalled, are not effected by this behavior and are fine to sync.

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MirrorSync is compatible with iOS 7!9/17/13 5:28 PM

We're just as excited as you are for iOS 7! So we've made sure MirrorSync is compatible on both FileMaker Go 11 and 12 in iOS 7. Enjoy!

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Free Webinar- Implementing User Centered Applications with Reusable Code9/4/13 12:43 PM

Join us for a free webinar titled Implementing User-Centered Applications with Reusable Code. In this age of simplified user-interfaces, we will discuss how to design applications with a keen focus on the end-user. And, we will discuss techniques for applying reusable code so that the development process is efficient and has high return on investment.

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360Works MirrorSync wins FileMaker Solution of the Year! DevCon Discount Extended!8/19/13 1:38 PM

360Works MirrorSync wins FileMaker Solution of the Year! ATLANTA — 360Works is proud to announce that MirrorSync received the FileMaker Excellence Award for Solution of the Year at the FileMaker Developer Conference. In celebration of this momentous occasion for MirrorSync, 360Works is extending the 15% DevCon sale another week! To receive this discount, enter the code DEVCON2013 at checkout. Purchase a product demonstrated at the conference, or download a copy of the award-winning MirrorSync for FileMaker synchronization. This discount on all 360Works products will be extended until Friday, August 23. We at 360Works were surprised and humbled by the recognition from FileMaker. We're committed to bringing incredible products to the FileMaker community, and hope you enjoy using MirrorSync as much as we've enjoyed creating it.

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Come see 360Works at DevCon 2013!8/7/13 2:32 PM

360Works at FileMaker DevCon 2013!

The 360Works team is putting the final touches on our demos and hopping on a plane to San Diego for the FileMaker Developer Conference. Make sure to stop by our booth for exclusive sneak peeks on the latest 360Works products, discounts on our latest and greatest, and much more. Visitors can see what innovations the mad scientists have come up with next!

We hope you stop by to check out what's coming up next with MirrorSync, try a demo of Plastic 2, learn more about our document management tools, or learn more about how 360Works gives you the tools you absolutely need to have as a FileMaker developer.

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