Updating a production database? Migrating data? Adding improvements to a live solution? It can all be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Introducing automated rollouts! Say goodbye to the complexities of the separation model, skip the tedious data imports, and stop risking data loss. 360Deploy makes it a simple operation for you to roll out updated database versions to FileMaker Server: yours, your clients, or your vertical market customers!

360Deploy features

  • Update live databases
  • Migrate data to new database versions
  • Import automation - automatically takes data from one FileMaker file and places into the structure of another file
  • Work on your test server and easily deploy new changes to your production server
  • Easy install process - simply download on your server and configure
  • Unlike the separation model, you can keep your calculation fields
  • Less chance of error with scripting imports
  • Handles downloads, imports, file back-ups, and emails you when done!

360Deploy Requirements

  • 2 Servers with FileMaker Server: 1 Production (will inherit structural changes while retaining data) and 1 Development (architecture from which updates are imported).
  • A Device from which to trigger process. Can be performed remotely or on one of the servers.
  • Compatible versions of FilemMaker Server and FileMaker client undergoing testing.

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